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Employee Benefits 

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland is committed to providing staff with a portfolio of benefits offerings.  From health care to insurance and other quality programs, diocesan benefits help serve employee needs.

Health Benefits Office

The Diocese of Cleveland Health Benefits Office is committed to providing employees with quality health care benefits and with the information needed to make health care choices.

The  Benefits Office provids employees with quality health care benefits and information needed for employees looking to get the most from health care options. The diocese currently sponsors three (3) basic medical plans – one which covers Clergy Members, one which covers members of Religious Orders and one which covers Lay Employees. The medical plans offered are regularly reviewed to insure that they provide comprehensive coverage and remain cost-effective.

An online portal provides helpful information on benefits and answers to most commonly asked questions.

Please Note: Health care plans have some similarities and there are some important differences among them. These differences involve benefit levels, choice of physicians, convenience of facilities to you and your family, and costs – all of which you should carefully consider.

MyDOC Benefits

Benefits programs and options are customized to the diocese.  An online portal to access a variety of benefit information can be found at MyDocBenefits . 

Employee Wellness

Wellness programs are provided by the diocesan Human Resources team to guide employees with tools for personal improvement and lifestyle accountability.

Wellness programs are coordinated through the diocesan Human Resources team. Wellness tools are a resource for staff to engage in that promotes and encourages employees to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and manage chronic health.

Wellness efforts are a collaborative approach between the Human Resource team, pastors, and various departments. By working together programs and information are communicated to staff and aimed at achieving these key objectives:

  • Empower and educate.
  • Increase and build motivation.
  • Create an environment of well being that encompasses an employee's mental, spiritual and emotional state as well as their productivity and ability to perform at the peak of their capabilities.
  • Allow wellness to support diocesan health plan offerings.
  • Provide wellness events such as health screenings, health fairs, meetings, webinars and wellness challenges.
  • Facilitate access to healthcare providers.

To learn more about employee wellness programs or to submit an idea contact Paul Hudak.

April 2019 Benefits Insider & Benefit Forum Dates

Group Life Insurance Plan

The Group Life Insurance Plan provides protection and security for current diocesan employees.

Benefits of this plan are provided through a group policy issued to the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Please review the plan booklet located on the resources page, under the GROUP LIFE heading.  

Lay Employee Pension Plan

The diocese recognizes the importance of achieving financial security as one approaches retirement. The Lay Employee Pension Plan is designed to pay retirement benefits for staff that work until the age of 65. 

The Pension Plan is designed to pay retirement benefits if one works to age 65. There are also provisions for early retirement. Employees can even earn a deferred vested benefit which will be paid at retirement even though one may leave the employment of a participating employer before retirement age.

The Plan will also pay a death benefit to one's spouse in some cases. The amount of one's pension benefit will depend on how long a person worked for a participating employer and their Average Monthly Compensation as specified by the plan.

More information may be found on the Resources page under the heading Lay Employee Pension Plan. 

Short Term Disability Plan

Short-Term Disability Benefits Program is designed to protect diocesan employees from a loss of income due to a non-industrial injury or illness.

The diocesan Short-Term Disability Benefits Program is designed to protect Diocesan employees from a loss of income for up to six months in the event they are temporarily unable to work due to a non-industrial injury or illness.

More information may be found on the Resources page under the heading Short Term Disability Plan. 

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