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Diocesan Mission Office


The Cleveland Mission Office assists the missions, both nationally and internationally.  

Four Societies are directly under the authority of the Holy Father in Rome. These Pontifical Mission Societies are:

Society for the Propagation of the Faith

Society of St. Peter the Apostle

Missionary Childhood Association

Pontifical Missionary Union

Society For the Propagation of the Faith

This is the principal mission organization. Its purpose is to raise funds to support the Holy Father’s missionary activities throughout the world.

Society of St. Peter the Apostle

Its main purpose is to raise money for the formation and education of priests and religious in mission lands. The Summer Appeal is its largest source of income.

Missionary Childhood Association

This is a program of primary school children helping other children around the world.

Pontifical Missionary Union

The objective of the PMU is to stimulate missionary formation and awareness among priests, those in Consecrated Life, consecrated laity, candidates to the priesthood and religious life, and other persons engaged in the pastoral ministry of the Church.


Missionary Cooperation Plan

Each year, several hundred missionary organizations request to preach for funds in our diocesan parishes, to help maintain their congregations, seminaries, convents and evangelization efforts. The Mission Office examines the requests, then selects and assigns parishes for them to make their appeals. The funds collected when the visiting missionary speaks are sent to the office and then forwarded to the corresponding bishop or superior. Click here for more information on the MCP.

Mission Circles

Over many years, our diocese has had many mission circles of men and women who devote their efforts to study, prayer and the raising of funds to support the missions. Often they have a special missionary for whom they strive to help spiritually and financially.

You may want to join one of these circles or begin a new one. For information, please call our office.

Information about working in the missions is available from our office. Please call (216) 696-6525 x4240 for more information.

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