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Why Catholic? Meet Bishop Edward C. Malesic
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Frequently Asked Questions

How would the Catholic Church see the many Christians churches? 

While sharing many elements in common with these Christians—belief in Jesus, miracles of Jesus, the rite of Baptism and Holy Communion, the holy scriptures, gifts of the Holy Spirit, love of neighbor, works of charity—the Catholic Church professes that there is one Church that Jesus wants and faithfully lives out the fullness of his teachings on sacraments, prayer, worship and apostolic leadership.  

How would the Catholic Church see the differences among religions? 

The Catholic Church would first recognize a very special relationship with Judaism.  We do look upon Jesus of Nazareth as a Jew and his teachings are rooted in the Torah and the prophets of the Jewish people. 

The Catholic Church acknowledges that Muslims worship the One God, Creator of all things and Judge of all humanity.  While neither Jews nor Muslims, accept the teaching of Christians that God is one and three persons,  all three religions look to Abraham as their model of belief in  this unseen God who calls us to follow Him.   

Other religions of the world share in many ways a sense of the Divine and Mystery of Life and an awareness of the something greater than themselves.  

Can Catholics learn anything from other Christian churches and other religions? 

While realizing the great gift of faith in Jesus Christ, a Catholic can be edified by the lives of the members of these churches and religions and may well be challenged to improve his/her  own life. In dialogue, we share with each other the riches of the spirit that we have discovered in our existence. 

Can a Catholic marry member of another Christian Church or religion and remain a member in the Catholic community? 

The Catholic Church provides for special permissions for such marriages.  Marriage has not only a dimension of a physical intimacy but also spiritual intimacy. Preparation for such a marriage demands some dialogue and honest reflection on how such a marriage will live with the Catholic identity of one partner and the other partner’s church or religion. 

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