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How We Serve

Driven by the Gospel message to visit and care for the imprisoned, comfort the sorrowful and help the low in spirit. We accomplish this through several simple programs tailored to meet the needs of the incarcerated.

We have over 400 volunteers serving in prison ministry - lay volunteers, nuns, priests and deacons, and yet ,the need outstrips our resources. We serve in all the prisons and jails in the Diocese of Cleveland, although the number of volunteers and the programs offered may vary greatly from facility to facility. Some facilities are “adopted” by one or more parishes and they service the needs of that facility. You need not belong to a particular parish to volunteer at a particular facility or group.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in ministry to those who are incarcerated, call the Parish Life Office at (216) 696-6525, or (800) 869-6525, extension 3500. Please indicate your name, telephone number, the type of service you are interested in and your geographic location so that we can match you to a jail/prison in your area. We will then contact the coordinator in your area asking them to be in contact with you so that you can talk about the preparation and possibilities for ministry.

Service Examples

Is God calling you to serve?

If the Holy Spirit is tugging at your heart and you would like to volunteer, there are many opportunities to help within a wide range of time commitments. To learn more, and begin the process to discern if God is calling you to join us, sign-up now.

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