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Human Sexuality & Gender

The Church, through divine revelation, has been given the gift of knowing that the human person is a unity of both body and soul and that, body and soul, each person is created in God's image. Our bodies, created male and female, are part of God's intentional design in creation and are, therefore, imbued with meaning and purpose. Catholic institutions, therefore, are called to act and speak in ways that are consistent with and affirming of this divinely revealed truth.

In response to societal trends and at the request of church and school leadership, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland has taken existing guidance and practice in matters of sex and sexuality and developed them into a formal policy. Since questions of sex, sexuality, and gender identity have become increasingly prevalent in our society, it is our hope that the policy will help to ensure these matters are addressed in a consistent and authentically Catholic manner across our diocesan institutions and diocesan Catholic schools, and that those we serve will have a clear understanding about expectations and accommodations related to those matters.

After careful study and thoughtful review, a team of experts chosen by the Bishop and representing relevant disciplines throughout the diocese has developed this formal policy on sexuality and gender identity.

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