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Marriage Enrichment

LOVE BEYOND WORDS  Celebrate your Marriage!

National Marriage Week is celebrated in February but that doesn't mean that you can't use time to nurture your relationship with a 7 day at home Marriage Retreat.  CLICK HERE for the Downloadable retreat.  

We are so excited that you are making a choice to nurture your marriage!  We have several guest speaking engagements scheduled around the Diocese with local experts.  We are happy to sponsor these events and they are listed on our events page.  It is very important that couples married for five years and under connect with their parish to find a local marriage ministry.  If you can't find one please reach out to us!

Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministries are offered throughout the Diocese on a parish level and include Cana Nights, and enrichment events.  If your parish doesn't offer events and you are interested in starting a ministry, reach out to the Marriage and Family Office and we can help you develop and implement a plan.

Marriage Mentors are married couples selected by their parish and trained by the diocese to assist in marriage preparation and enrichment. They meet with engaged or married couples and provide a living witness of Christian Marriage. Clergy can invite and register some of their married couples to be trained!  Marriage Mentoring includes meeting with a practicing Catholic couple to help build or stabilize a relationship.

We offer Marriage Mentor training to help couples in administering the workbook from the Prepare-Enrich facilitator Report.  The Marriage Mentors attend training to develop their skills and best practices and experience more fulfillment in their own marriage.  This training is offered for about $45 per couple and includes the Marriage Mentoring Manual; as well as, Diocese of Cleveland resources.   

Individual couples can reach out for an interview if you are interested in this powerful witness to Catholic Marriage.

If you have experience with mental health or a related field we would love your support in serving marriages please reach out for a conversation about how you can become fully trained in the Prepare-Enrich inventory Process.

Open events will be on the  Marriage and Family Events page for upcoming dates and registration.

The Third Option

The Third Option is a tried and true skill-based marriage course that teaches couples intimacy building and communication techniques through 14 lessons.  This can be done online for $89.  A parish could also become a host parish and develop a marriage ministry using this turn-key resource.

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Building a Eucharistic Marriage

Greg Schutte has developed an online video and discussion series that many couples in Ohio have found to be very helpful.  The site allows the user to sign up for emails or purchase the video discussion series. 

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Smart Loving

Smart Loving is an online resource that has content that supports better communication, and a Breakthrough Course for couples that are struggling.  Often this can be helpful if you are waiting to have an appointment scheduled with a counselor.

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Love Thinks

Dr. John Van Epp has done a great job of creating a very easy and basic wonderful tool for couples and families to learn how to build their relationship skills and attach with one another.  If you are a parish leader and interested in bringing the program to your entire parish please reach out.  If you want to sign up as an individual check out their website.

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Marriages of Grace

Marriages of Grace has gatherings at local establishments where the guest speaker and appetizers are provided through the registration fee and beverages are available for purchase.

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Retrouvaille (Rediscovery) Weekends in Cleveland with Fr Ryan Mann! This effort is supported by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, with Fr Ryan Mann as their chaplain; but open to couples of all faiths. It consists of a weekend experience for couples and six follow up sessions. The weekend begins at a hotel, beginning Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. For more information concerning the program or to register, please call Shelly at 216.509.0301 or Rob at 440.836.4810.  For general questions call: 1.800.470.2230. Registration and additional information about the program can be found at or by emailing HERE.

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Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body Cleveland works with our schools and parishes to bring speakers and events to the Diocese of Cleveland.

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Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME)

Did you know that in June 2022, Pope Francis recognized WWME at the World Meeting of Families in Rome? Marriage Encounter has been around for more than 50 years and is used in almost 100 countries. They have helped over 3.5 million couples learn to listen to their spouse, share with their spouse and connect more deeply with their spouse.

Priests also report having a revitalized relationship with the Lord when they attend a weekend. Our local chapter is currently looking for more priests to take the weekend and help with this valuable resource. 

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The Ministry of the Wild Goose

The Goose is Loose!  Couples have reported that their relationships have thrived after taking part in this online series about praying with the Holy Spirit.

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Get in touch with us

There are many parishes that host marriage enrichment events at different times of the year, if you are a parish leader feel free to ask about advertising your event.  If you are aware of local parishes that host a regularly occurring event for couples, please let us know. Contact the Director of Marriage & Family Ministry, Terri Yohman.

If you are interested in learning more about the large umbrella of the Marriage and Family Ministry Office please feel free to reach out to Ministry Support Specialist, Maria Wancata.

Visit the Marriage and Family Events page for upcoming dates and registration information.

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