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Family Perspectives

Family Perspectives are short reflections written by the Director of Marriage and Family Ministry.  They are centered around the Sunday readings, typically the gospel.  They are suitable for publication in your parish's Sunday bulletin or shared with households through PSR or Schools.  They can be cut and paste from the website and also adapted to meet your parish needs.

The reflection is also accompanied by an intercession.

July 3  14th Sunday in Ordinary Time St Thomas the Apostle

Today we hear in Luke 10 about Jesus giving the instructions to his disciples about how they are to travel about because the "Kingdom of God is at hand".  They went about curing and healing others as well as rebuking demons.  They were told to bring their "peace" and it would remain with "peaceful households".  They were told to take nothing and stay in one house and if they were rejected they were to "shake the dust from their sandals".  Where are you in this story?  are you opening the door to a stranger that wants to come in?  Are you watching out the window with curiosity?  The boldness of the apostles is something that we as Christians don't always feel, we don't always stop and think of the power that has been granted to us. Would we live differently if we truly believed the Kingdom of God was at hand?

Intercession:  May the Lord our God reveal to us His Kingdom that we may share it with others and have peace descend upon them because of our Faith. May we focus on freedom in our nation and pray for those in bondage.

July 10 15th Sunday in Ordinary time, St Veronica Giuliani

Today we hear in the Responsorial Psalm:  "Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live"; one point even indicates "I am afflicted and in pain; let your saving help, O God, protect me.  I will praise the name of God in song, and I will glorify him with thanksgiving."  This jumps out at us sometimes.  We are often in pain and suffering and often asking for help or protection;  but are we giving the Lord thanks for this?  If you are like me, I'm not always being thankful amidst my pain or suffering.  Sometimes the struggle is very real and it's hard to be thankful for that.  What might be the most important is remembering that the Lord joins you and is with you through it all.  If only we would turn to Him with all of our needs we might live as the gospel suggests we could love the Lord with all our hearts and all our minds.

Intercession:  May we listen for the still small voice when we are suffering and continue to stand strong with the help of the Spirit and be steady in our faith.

July  17 The 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time; St Leo iV

Today in the Gospel according to Luke we hear about the story of Martha and Mary. Martha was the worker bee of the family (type A personality) and sometimes it seems like Mary might be floating about forgetting her "place".  Martha quickly wants the Lord to tell Mary to get back to her duties. (He doesn't) Many of us have siblings, and sometimes it gets really difficult especially if you are part of the sandwich generation where you are caring for children and parents potentially, so it is easy to sympathize with Martha and want Mary to be rebuked.  Or our prayer might be that our Sibling that isn't helping gets "what they have coming to them".  Jesus suggests the opposite that Mary is doing just fine.

Intercession:  Lord Help us to see the benefit in stopping to listen to you and hear your voice and enjoy Your Will for us.  Fill us with the joy and energy of Mary this day.

July 24 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time; St Sharbel Makhlouf

Today in the gospel according to Luke 11 we hear Jesus teaching us the Our Father.  We also get to hear about persistence in our prayer life through the parable of the man knocking in the night asking for bread.  Many of the indicators through this week's readings are that we serve a merciful God.  Merciful in such a way that Jesus says "ask and you will receive; seek and you will find: knock and the door will be opened to you."  What it seems from my view is very important to point out is that sometimes we humans knock on the wrong doors and the Merciful Lord sees a more clear path than we do sometimes.  Perhaps we should pray to just stay in God's will which means to pay attention to the Holy Spirit and pray often, remaining in love itself.

Intercession:  This week as we go forth allow us to see Your Merciful Hand working in our lives oh Lord

July 31 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, St. Ignatius of Loyola

Today in the gospel according to Luke chapter 12 Jesus gets right to an issue that can hit close to home.  For some, they have little and wonder why others aren't willing to share their wealth,  There are other's among us that often aren't thinking of the Kingdom of heaven or of how short life can be when we "store up" our wealth and belongings so that we can rest easy and retire.  Some of our Grandparents are taking care of their grandchildren due to loss of their children to addiction.  We may never know how the road is going to take us but if we live for one day at a time with Joy, we can stay focused on what is most important.  The eternal Kingdom.

Intercession: Lord let us assess our needs and share with others our excess, helping our brothers in need. Allow us to share our faith and talents as You see fit.

August 7 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time; St Cajetan

Today's gospel again encourages us to keep our eyes on what is important.  We are reminded to be faithful for we know not when our hour may be near or when Jesus will come.  "Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more."  it can be difficult to continue to give and give and not feel that we are supported or understood, it can be easy to be disgruntled or upset when we are constantly the ones that are called upon to serve, but here the Lord is reminding us that if we are gifted then we will be expected to give.  The reality that the Lord gave his life and focusing on that cross can help us find the strength to continue serving or loving those that may seem unlovable.

Intercession:  Lord when we are forgetful that we should keep our eye's on what is above, send your spirit to remind us of Your Love.

August 14th the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time; St Maximilian Kolbe

Today in our Gospel we can for sure realize that our world is living in these times of turbulence and division that Jesus speaks of.  There are divisions all about us.  A wise priest just said to me yesterday when I was expressing frustration about passing on the faith: "remember there were only three at the foot of the cross".  Let us look for what unites us rather than what divides and love our neighbors as ourselves.  

Intercession: Lord have mercy on us and help us to grow in faith and unity forever spreading the gospel with our actions.

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