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Ministry Leaders

The Marriage and Family Ministry Office has begun this page for lay leaders and clergy to find information about programming at the parish level.  Lay ministry and bulletin editors have bookmarked the page for easy access.

We would strongly encourage parish staff, couples and families to sign up for our Marriage and Family Life newsletter for the most up to date information on events and resources available in the Diocese and online.

Office Staff or Bulletin Editors

Are you getting calls from couples looking for marriage support?   The MFM office has a large resource listing with online and in-person resources.

SMART LOVING has an online course called Breakthrough that has been getting great reviews.

Click HERE to go to their website and check it out. 

Bulletin editors could potentially list it out like this:  Are you looking for some marriage enrichment to help you get closer to your spouse?  Or are you worried about stress in your marriage?  Smart Loving offers an online affordable program that helps to identify triggers and learn strategies to stop an argument while re-establishing connection? 

Then add the link to their website.

Restore Catholic.  They have online offerings that include support for communications skills or recovering from an affair, it could be listed in the same way.

Catholic Singles

We have been getting requests for information about Catholic Singles.  There is a National Catholic Singles Conference that has an in person event once a year.

They host an online Community GS24 HEREand they also offer FREE ONLINE  DATING RETREATS  where the meaning of love, navigating relationships and healing are addressed.

Catholics for Family Peace Domestic Violence Resources are available for Bulletin insertion. Visit their website HERE.

Marriage Preparation

Preparing couples for married life with the support of a community in faith.

Prepare Enrich Trainings

We train clergy to administer the relationship inventory and work with couples. This inventory is mandatory as a part of the premarital preparation guidelines for couples in our diocese. Please reach out to Terri for more information.

Marriage Mentor Training

Marriage Mentors are volunteer married couples selected by their parish and trained by the diocese to assist in marriage preparation and enrichment. They meet with engaged/married couples and provide a living witness of Christian Marriage. Clergy can invite and register some of their married couples to be trained. 

These would be appropriate for assisting with marriage preparation or marriage mentoring. The training costs $45.00, which covers the Marriage Mentoring resources and materials. If you have couples that you would like to be trained, please reach out to Terri to discuss. 

Parish Pre-Cana Retreats

Parish Staff can click here for the most up to date offerings around the Diocese.  Keep in mind the retreat houses have monthly offerings. 

Many couples may find the virtual and online options the best fit due to personal circumstances or being active military for example.

Parish Pre-Cana Listing

If you would like to advertise your Parish Pre-Cana Retreat to the wider diocese, please submit your event information below. Additionally, please feel free to direct your marrying couples to our Marriage page for further information.

Submit your Pre-Cana Retreat

Couple to Couple League is a great resource for fertility awareness or NFP and they have a method matcher for providers and couples, This is also helpful for folks struggling with infertility.

CLICK HERE for Information 

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Nourish for Caregivers

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. (Mt. 11:28)

Nourish for Caregivers is a mission-driven ministry that responds to the immense needs of caregivers. Not just their practical needs, but their emotional and spiritual needs as well. Nourish for Caregivers is also unique. It is the only Catholic, turnkey program that comprehensively ministers to caregivers. Its curriculum provides the tools and resources to help caregivers connect with their faith and encounter Christ, so that they can see the grace of God in their caregiving journey. 

Contact us to learn more about the program and the benefits it may have for your faith community. 

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Ministry of Consolation

Praying for the dead and comforting those who mourn are spiritual works of mercy.

Red Bird Ministries is now active in the Diocese.  We are developing a retreat for the fall and have several "flock leaders" being trained.  This is a Catholic Grief support ap and training that helps couples or individuals with loss of pregnancy, infant, or child of any age from any cause.  Sign up for the monthly newsletter for up to date information.

Are you or someone that you know becoming fragile because of illness or age?  Having "that conversation"  about end-of-life care and personal wishes is best done when we aren't in crisis mode.  Talking about these issues and potentially what you want in funeral arrangements or burial arrangements can be very helpful especially if our family members aren't practicing Catholics. The Marriage and Family Ministry office has compiled some helpful tools for parish staff or individuals.  CLICK HERE to Email Terri Yohman to request information.

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Ministry of Care & Compassion

The face of each person who suffers is the face of Christ. 
*Formation in this area is completed in collaboration with the Office for Worship regarding the Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Contact your pastor or parish Lay Ecclesial Minister for more information. 
We are currently working to update our curriculum in this area.  Contact our office HERE if you have an immediate need for training.

Divorced Catholic Support groups & Resources

The Marriage and Family Ministry office has several Catholic resources that can be shared with a parish staff or volunteer to assist with offering support groups to those struggling with Divorce.  There are multiple books available and the need is great.  Please reach out to Terri if you can assist with this necessary and needed ministry.

There is an online course through Ascension Presents titled SURVIVING DIVORCE for $25. This link could be emailed to parishioners or placed in the bulletin.   CLICK HERE to go to their website.  


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