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Missionary Discipleship

St. Paul reminds the faithful that “A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough” (Galatians 5:9).  As Christians, we must be like leaven, carrying the love and joy of Christ to the world, especially where no one else will go. 

The love and joy that nurtures us through the encounter of Christ ought to transform the world through our work.  We, like yeast thrown into dough, must be conduits of the animation of the Holy Spirit, allowing God’s grace to transform the world in us and through us!

The office of Missionary Discipleship in the Diocese of Cleveland promotes six strategic initiatives that will engender a culture of encounter from an evangelizing community. These strategic initiatives appropriately spell the word, LEAVEN. These initiatives challenge how we ought to think about ministry and live our lives, integrating faith in our communities, committing to be tabernacles of the Holy Spirit.  

    Morning Christian Prayer

    Facebook Live, Mon-Fri at 9:00 am, @DOCParishLife

    If you have intentions you would like to offer, please email Miguel Chavez.


    Given the need for social distancing, our ministries are moving to virtual platforms. As we weather this storm, we encourage you to use #CatholicsAtHomeCLE on your social media platforms to share resources, ideas, and prayers!  


    A message from the Director

    Our Mission

    We Encounter the love of Christ and respond faithfully to his call in our lives, dreaming with incredible hope!  We call others to Community in word and deed and work to build God's Kingdom. We joyfully Accompany others in a journey of faith, trusting in God's providential care!  We Bear Fruit and Rejoice, celebrating the transformative and profound experience of Christ's love and grace!

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