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Human Life Videos

As a vote on an abortion amendment that would expand and enshrine abortion rights into the Ohio Constitution approaches, the videos in this series illustrate how the Catholic Church embraces women and families facing unexpected or challenging pregnancies and offers them the support and services they need to choose life. In addition, the church offers a number of programs of healing and hope to support anyone who has been involved in a past abortion. 

Faith & Healing - Part I

Watch the first video in our Faith & Healing series, which features Christy, a woman who struggled to move past having an abortion at age 16, but who has found faith and forgiveness as she gives back to women facing the same challenges she once did.

Faith & Healing - Part II

Our second video in our Faith & Healing series features Maureen, a psychiatric nurse practitioner in the OB/Gyn field, who counsels women and promotes the programs offered by the Catholic Church for those seeking hope and healing after abortion.

Faith & Healing Part III

Our third video features the Gabriel Project, a Christian, church-based outreach offering immediate and practical help to women and families facing an unplanned or challenging pregnancy.

Dear Tommy

Watch this video featuring Christy, who had an abortion at age 16. As part of their healing process, mothers who seek forgiveness after an abortion are often encouraged to name and write a letter to their unborn child as a way to help all of us understand their baby was a living soul, created by God.  

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