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Clergy List

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland posts notices and related articles in an ongoing effort to communicate developments pertinent to the protection of children.

Read Bishop Perez's letter to the faithful concerning an update to information regarding efforts to protect children. (June 21, 2019)

Click HERE for the clergy list (June 21, 2019)

The Diocese of Cleveland is committed to publicly identifying those clerics who have sexually abused children within the diocese. The Diocese of Cleveland recognized the importance of publishing information relating to clergy sex abuse long ago and, in 2002, it first began to publish the names of those clerics removed from ministry as a result of sexual abuse of a minor.  These postings, which are updated whenever a cleric is removed from ministry as a result of sexual abuse of a minor, can be found below.   Currently, the Diocese is in the process of supplementing this information by creating a list of the names of all clerics who, as best it can be determined, sexually abused a minor and/or who were permanently removed from ministry as a result of sexual abuse of a minor at any time in the past.  This list, once completed, will be posted on this webpage along with the information already posted below.

Report Abuse

To report any past or present suspected inappropriate behavior toward children by priests, deacons, religious, lay ecclesial ministers, or personnel associated with the Church, please contact the Diocesan Response Service at: (216) 334-2999 or

Terence Flanagan

Victim Assistance Coordinator
Response Services:  216-334-2999

Catholic Charities Parish &  Community Ministries
7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Sharon M. Minson

1404 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
(216) 696-6525 ext. 1157

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